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Writing to Win for Lawyers: Pitfalls to Avoid!

​No matter what your level of experience, you can always be a better writer. Join Jane Griesdorf of The Writing Consultants to learn from her many years of work with lawyers and judges about the writing errors that most annoy readers of the law. Find out how you can avoid common and not-so-common mistakes to achieve a winning and lively writing style.

Mental Health Summit for Legal Professionals (Day 1)

​As a legal professional, your work could pose real challenges to your mental health every day — even before the pandemic. Those challenges are now multiplied. At this summit, you hear directly from legal professionals who experience mental illness about how they tackle these issues in their professional lives. Speakers discuss the impact of workplace and legal culture on members’ mental health and how to reduce stigma in the legal professions. A must-attend event for paralegals, lawyers, articling and paralegal students, law office diversity committees, and articling principals, you leave with effective tools to address mental health in your legal workplace, and learn how to support your colleagues with mental health issues.

Enhancing Your Client Experience: Reducing Your Risks (REPLAY)

You provide quality professional services to your clients, but how can you enhance your client service delivery as a legal professional? Improving client service can help you manage client expectations, reduce your risks of a Law Society complaint or a claim made against you, and help build your practice. In this program, spend half a day with practising lawyers, Law Society, and LawPRO staff to help you enhance your client’s experience from intake to file closure.